Candler County Sheriff's Office

Candler County Jail Information

  • The Candler County Jail is Managed and Supervised by a Jail Captain and Jail Supervisor.
  • The Candler County Jail is located at the Sheriff's Office Complex at 1015 E. Hiawatha Street, Metter, GA. 
  • The jail houses pre-trial inmates, as well as those sentenced for Candler County State Court.  
  • The jail has the capacity of approximately 75 inmates.
  • The Candler County Jail also serves as the site for the dispatch center for the Sheriff's Office.
    • The Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center is operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • The Dispatch Center provides non-emergency dispatch services for law enforcement in Candler County
    • Emergency Dispatch Services is provided by Bulloch County 911

Contact Information

  • Emergency Dispatch   Dial 911
  • Dispatch Center  912-685-2568
  • Jail     912-685-2291

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