Road Patrol Division

The Road Patrol Division is Managed and Supervised by a Patrol  Captain. 

The Road Patrol Division exists to: provide 24 hour protection to the citizens; prevent the occurrence of street crimes through preventive patrol; respond rapidly to all requests for emergency law enforcement service; improve the criminal apprehension rate by conducting thorough preliminary on-the-scene investigations; reduce traffic congestion and accident hazards through systematic enforcement of traffic laws and ordinances; respond to and investigate motor vehicle accidents; aid victims of accidents; assist citizens in dealing with legal, medical, social problems through direct crisis intervention and/or making correct referrals to agencies equipped to deal with such problems; and improve law enforcement/community relations by increasing the quality and quantity of contacts between citizens and law enforcement.

To a member of the Road Patrol Division, please call the main office at 912-685-2568

Candler County Sheriff's Office